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I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 1…

March 18th, 2009 by Colin Rafferty

what is a story when a story isn't a line?

what is a story when a story isn't a line?

By now, our terrible black-and-white flyers are all over campus; I love the idea of Group Material’s manifesto infesting the chemistry hallways (towards that end:  what is the taken-for-granted culture of chemistry?).  But in posting the flyers, I establish a rhythm: pull pushpin out, set flyer on board, push pushpin in, repeat.  Pull-set-push.  Pull-set-push.

I used to have to drive from Iowa to Colorado–an 11-hour epic across most of Nebraska.  Interstate 80 is straight almost the whole way after Lincoln.  The pattern repeated endlessly, dotted yellow lines skipping past my car.  Then, in the middle of things, in the distance, loomed the Archway Monument, a steel building over the interstate.  When it first opened, drivers were so distracted by the interruption of the pattern that they stopped their cars in the middle of the interstate (speed limit: 80).  A few died when cars hit them.

That’s what I’ve got on my mind for the first Subrosa meeting: the moment when the pattern, endlessly repeating, gets broken.  Shifts suddenly.  Repeats itself in a different key.  Rick Moody uses the word “boys” 80 times in his story.  Steve Reich uses only 11 chords in “Music for 18 Musicians.”  How can we get so much out of so little?

Let’s start the discussion tomorrow night.

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